New Beat Tape

Mississippi- native rapper Paul Gilbert says that God has now lead him to expand his craft to from Gospel Rap artist to Music Producer, expanding across different genres. Paul explains to fans, “My skill set is not limited to only rapping about the wonders of Christ, but to also produce magnificent beats that allow other music artists to spread His word and for other genres of music overall.”
For Paul, producing beats and creating musical melodies for artists is his way to express his creativity, something that has been a lifelong dream.  Since his teen years, he has always wanted to create instrumentals ranging from the unforgettable sounds of  ‘80s Hip Hop & ‘Soul to EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and Dubstep. This presents a welcomed challenge to be different and stand out amongst current known producers. 
This year, Paul plans to release the first of many Beats tapes called Futuristic Mind Trap,  a combination of trap-futuristic sounds and 1980’s tempo, which will be released under his solo production company.  “I’m so excited,” Paul says, “because I’ve always been inspired by old-school producers like Paul Hardcastle and Herbie Hancock.” Paul adds that he plans to expand instrumental productions after his first release with even more creativity and innovation, with his own twist of uniqueness.
Paul Gilbert thanks all of his fans for the continued and gracious support.

To check him out, visit his YouTube channel (PG On the Beat—don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe) and reach out to him at  HYPERLINK "" for booking.


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